5 Gym Essentials You Should Carry With You

You do not want to be the creepy guy in the gym right?

Suvadeep Paul
4 min readDec 20, 2021
Photo by Jelmer Assink on Unsplash

If you are planning to join the gym or if you already working out without worrying about things you should carry in the gym then this blog is absolutely for you. You can not just go to the gym and work out, there are some essentials you should carry with you.

After knowing things to carry with you, you should probably walk into the gym with more confidence knowing you do not embarrass yourself in front of anyone.

Here, I discussed 5 essentials you should have so that you do not over-purchase anything so if you are on a budget then this is a golden opportunity for you.

Before I start I want to say please read till the end so that you do not miss anything important. Also a gentle reminder I am launching a beginner muscle-building program for those who will subscribe to my mail list and it is absolutely free for them. So make sure to subscribe to my mail list.

A Water bottle

This one is probably one of the important items on this list. Our muscles are made up of 79% of water so the more we sweat out in the gym more we need water to hydrate ourselves. On summer days it is a must to carry some water with us as we sweat more in hot weather.

It is recommended to have at least 3–4 liters of water daily. And as our muscles contain 79% of water, increased water intake will help us to keep our muscles full.

I will suggest you bring a standard 1-liter bottle of water with you to the gym and complete the whole bottle throughout the whole session. Do not drink too much as it will make your stomach full and affect your workout session.

A Deodorant

The second item on the list is a deodorant. Like a water bottle, you must carry deodorant with you and apply it before and after your workout so that you do not stink.

From my own experience, I can say you probably do not want to smell bad in front of others and feel less confident in the gym. The type of deodorant to use vary from person to person but I will suggest you go for any deodorant which is specially made for workouts. I personally use Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant Roll-On and it is good and not that strong which I really like about it.

A Towel

For hot summer days, a towel is a must-have item. I can say you do not want to keep your mark of sweat whichever machine you use, so that is why I suggest you bring a towel with you and wash the machine after you use it.

I will always suggest you bring two pairs of towels with you, one to wipe machines and the other one to wipe the sweat on your body.

Pair of Shoes

Shoes are also important for gyms. So many people I see work out barefoot but a nice pair of shoes helps you to keep your foot clean from dirt on the mats of your gym.

What type of shoes you use really depends on your goals like for powerlifters there are some specially made shoes for deadlifts, squats but if you are into bodybuilding or any normal gymgoer then you can buy any standard pair of gym shoes you can find on Amazon.

One more tip if you do not feel like buying any shoes and want to work out barefoot then I will suggest workout with socks only.

A good quality gym bag

A quality gym bag is a must-have for you. You should have a different bag for your gym to carry your gym items. You do not need to buy any expensive bag for the gym just go for any regular bag specially made for the gym.

Try to buy a gym bag that is big enough to carry all essentials for your gym but not too bulky.


Here are some bonus items you can consider buying but remember these are not a must-buy for you. If you feel like you need any of these then only you should buy these items.

A headphone — Personally I can work out without music but if you can’t then you can buy it.

Protein shake bottle — If you feel like you need instant food after your workout then you can carry your protein shake inside a shaker.

Snacks — If you feel hungry between your workout then you should carry some snacks to feed your hunger.

Gloves — So many people do not like moles in their hands so this item is for them.

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