5 Things You Probably Do in The Gym That Make You Look A$$h*le

You do not want to be an a$$h*le, don’t you?

5 Things You Probably Do in The Gym That Make You Look A$$h*le
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Working out is fun. Many people go to the gym for enjoyment and others have a passion for working out. So the gym is kind of a mixture of all kinds of people with unequal mentality. And for that most of us have encountered so many actions that we find annoying.

Probably you have also seen or done some of them which made you/someone look creepy in front of others. That is why here in the blog, I will share some of the poor actions in the gym which could have made you look a$$hole.

#1 Not re-racking the weights back

Tell me how many times you have used a weight and did not re-racked it to its place. Probably so many times, right? I know. I also do sometimes (on some rarest occasions).

Often if you are in hurry and leave a weight without re-racking after using, then it is quite acceptable. But if you are doing it daily then it does annoy some people.

In my gym, I almost see this kind of guy every day and it really does piss me off. My gym even made many posters saying re-rack the weight after using.

So please re-rack the weight after using.

#2 Making annoying sounds while lifting

Almost everyone makes sounds while lifting weight. It is okay if someone making sounds while in the last rep of their set. But if they make irritating sounds on every rep then it is a problem.

While working out everyone goes in their zone and wants the same from others. So if anyone makes unwanted sounds then that can also upset others.

I do not know if you make annoying sounds but in my gym, I usually see a few old guys doing these.

#3 Trying to talk to others while they do not want to

Those who take workouts as their passion or do not usually do not like speaking or communicating with others in the gym. For them, the gym is a place to lift not to commune. So it sometimes irritates them.

I have also come across these incidents where I am totally focused on a lift, listening to music and someone come to me to talk about something.

If you are also doing it then please don’t.

Yes, you should make friends in the gym, but if you see someone who is not interested in talking to you then do not force them.

#4 Not respecting gym rules

Every gym has its own rules like — not working out shirtless, wearing shoes, not working out in jeans, and many more. So if your gym also has this such rules then you should respect them.

Not respecting the rules may in the long run make you kicked out of the gym.

They created the rules for all. Not for some individuals.

#5 Leaving a machine flooded with sweat

Always bring a towel to the gym, especially on summer days. No one like to use a bench flooded with sweat. So it is always recommended to clean the sweat from the machine or bench after use.

If you forget it once in a while then it is accepted. But do not do it daily. Also if you never carry a towel to the gym then start bringing it.

Also, carry a deodorant please (you know why).

That is all for the blog.

If you have never done any of these 5 mistakes then congrats. But if you did then make sure to change it the next time you visit the gym.

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