How To Actually Build Muscle Only Doing Compound Exercises

Are compound lifts that important?

Suvadeep Paul
3 min readSep 9, 2021
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If you are looking for an answer to whether you can build muscle by only doing compound movements or not? Then the straight answer will be yes because powerlifters are so huge in size. If they can build that huge body by only doing compound lifts then why not you? Now let’s go for a direct explanation of why I said yes.

Let’s clarify if you need to do compound movements or not?

You must have seen so many powerlifters, who only do compound movements. So that is why you must have thought that those exercises are only for powerlifters not for bodybuilders. But one thing I want to clarify here is that compound movements are equally important for you to build both muscle and strength even if your target is to build a good physique like so many bodybuilders.

Why do you need to do compound exercises?

You need compound exercises to mainly build strength, cause I think you don’t want to be that type of guy who only has bigger muscles, not strength. Now don’t think isolation movements don’t build strength, it does but compound exercises are meant to build strength.

The reason why you clicked on this blog, is compound movements enough?

If you want an aesthetic physique, I mean a body like David Laid, Saket Gokhale, Jeff Said then the answer is no, by only just doing compound lifts you can’t build that type of body. You need to do isolation movements to get that type of body. But if you are planning to just get big muscles and a noticeable physique then you can go for only compound movements.

So, now as you have all got your answer I want to suggest something to you. Instead of going only for isolation or compound movement, you should go for both. Start your workout with compound lifts and then finish off with isolation. If you don’t want to compete and only want a healthy physique then set your goal to be a PowerBuilder (Powerlifter+Bodybuilder).

Here I am linking this guy’s profile so that you know what a PowerBuilder looks like.

Instagram profile —Justin lee

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