How to Avoid Muscle Loss While Losing Weight

Things that I applied in my Cut/Recomp.

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Losing fat is not easy, and when you think of losing fat while preserving muscles that you built over the years, it is not an easy thing to do. As the process will be slow; it takes a lot of patience to keep going.

Avoiding muscle loss while losing fat is not totally achievable. No matter what a bit of muscle loss will happen. But with the right approach and training, it is kind of possible to minimize the effect.

So here in this blog, I am going to share how to avoid muscle loss while losing fat. This is something that I personally used; and can guarantee that if performed as I said, you will get the best result possible.

Disclaimer — I am not a certified professional. As mentioned before, these are something that I used and got results. So before following blindly do your own research.

#1 Small calorie deifict

To lose fat a calorie deficit is needed. This approach can be achieved through exercise or eating less. So the question now is, how much deficit should someone be to make sure he/she loses fat without sacrificing their muscle? — The straight answer is 200–400calories.

In my case, I used to stay in a deficit of 100–200 deficit. The smaller the deficit the better chances of averting losing muscle.

Now, to be in that deficit someone can eat less or exercise more it is totally up to personal preference.

My suggestion

Suppose someone’s maintenance calorie is 2000 and he chose to be in 200 calorie deficit. So now he/she has to consume 1800 calories daily. So either he/she can eat 1800 calories or have 2100 calories and burn 300 calories through any cardio exercise. This gives more flexibility and helps in sticking to the target.

I used to follow both depending on my mood.

Know how to create a personalized diet plan without any nutritional knowledge.

#2 Resistance training

Resistance training is necessary to preserve muscle. It can be through home workouts or in the gym. In the case of the gym, just because someone went in a deficit it is not necessary to drop weight in a huge margin. Instead, it will be optimal to continue doing exercises with the same weight but in fewer reps and over time gradually increasing it.

Also training till failure is needed.

In my case, I dropped weight by 2.5–5.0 kgs in compounds and continued with the same weight in isolation exercises.

#3 Patience

Whatever the goal is, patience is always the key. I dropped 5kgs in 8months. As the deficit is small it takes time. When it comes to losing fat while preserving muscle there is no choice to do it fast. And this is why it is tough to do.

Instead of asking for overnight results give the body enough time. Try not to look at others' progression, it can be demotivating.

I feel these are the only things that most helped me in achieving my result. Along with these give the body proper rest, have enough water, and eat more veggies as in calorie deficit body gets fewer micronutrients.

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