How To Make Fitness a Part of Your Life?

Prioritize your health over anything.

Suvadeep Paul
3 min readSep 13, 2021
A man running.
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Being fit doesn’t always mean going to the gym every single day. You can be fit even if you do not step foot inside a gym. Being fit means staying fit not only from the outside but also from the inside too, but first, you have to make fitness a daily part of your life.

Here in this blog, I will explain to you how you can make fitness a part of your life.

Why being fit is important?

As you all know how much life became unpredictable nowadays and because of covid people started to prioritize their health. If you stay fit, dealing with any kind of disease becomes much easier and it also boosts your immunity provided that you are eating the right nutritional foods.

What is fitness?

Fitness is all about involving in any kind of activity which makes you feel happy and also lose some sweat. It must be fun every time, something which you enjoy doing and do not feel tired of that. Fitness is mainly of three types,

(I) Being Fit from inside.

(II) Being Fit from outside.

(III) Fit form both in and outside.

You must have seen so many weight lifters who are so fit from outside but have tons of junk to bulk up, teenage boys taking a lot of pre-workout which includes so much caffeine, and sometimes adding pre with energy drinks just to be energized.

Because of all these, they are just unknowingly destroying their body just to look good from the outside. These are the perfect example of destroying your body from the inside and being fit from the outside.

So what should be being fit for you?

For you, your fitness goal should be long-term fitness, I mean being fit from inside and also outside too. Don’t try to look like those fitness influencers because those are not sustainable for a lifetime. Try to manage to 12–15% body fat, and hold it for a lifetime to look good.

Now how to make it a habit?

Making fitness a habit is not a big deal. Honestly, as you all know it is not rocket science. If your goal is to be fit and want to make it a habit then try to keep it as simple as possible. As I said at the beginning being fit doesn’t mean going to the gym every day, the definition of being fit could be different for you like jogging for 15 minutes, jumping rope or cycling, etc.

Through all of these, I want to say is instead of making fitness a burden (like every time you feel it as a torturer), make it a source of enjoyment. Something that you love doing, cause only that way you can stick to it.

So that's all for today, hope you liked this one and gained some knowledge. Now from tomorrow start doing some activities and continue doing, cause it's a new day and a new beginning.

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