I am Using Creatine For the Last 6 Months — Changes That I have seen

I bought it for fast muscle growth as the product promises but never expected these result

I am Using Creatine For the Last 5 Months — Changes That I have seen
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Creatine — One of the most researched and most used supplements for natty lifters. According to science creatine is a supplement that can increase muscle size, improve performance in the gym and help with inflated strength. For this reason, most beginner lifters pick creatine in the first place.

I am also one of those gym rats who bought creatine for faster muscle growth. I have been using it for the last 6 months and the changes I have seen are quite unexpected. So before I tell you the result here are some backstories.

Disclaimer — A healthy diet is above everything. So better focus on your diet rather than looking here and there for what supplements to buy.

Now, If you do not know how to create a diet according to your lifestyle without any nutritional knowledge check this blog.👇🏻

What is creatine?

Creatine is something that is already present in the muscle cells. It helps in producing energy in muscles that support heavy lifts. Creatine is the most needed (after protein powder) and used supplement among lifters. There is no need to take creatine if you do not lift any weights.

Why I started using creatine

Like almost every lifter, I also started using creatine expecting some out-of-the-world result. I researched — what types of creatines are available in the market and what is the best one. Also when to take, how to take, etc.

How I took creatine

After some research what I have found is that there is no best time to take creatine. It can be taken any time with any substance except caffeine as it increases dehydration. Also, in the beginning, it can be taken in two ways — loading and normally. I preferred taking 5g daily instead of doing any creatine loading.

The form of creatine I use is creatine monohydrate (most researched). I feel there is no need to take any other form of creatine and it is the best one available on the market.

Creatine Monohydrate which I use(Affiliate Link).


The results are shocking and somewhat expected, I’ll say.

Before using it I had expected some insane changes in my body; but the changes I have seen are in strength, body fat percentage (though it was mostly because of a calorie deficit), and a bit in muscles.

As I was on Cut then, I lost a minimum amount of muscle with almost the same and a few times with more strength (not sure if it was for creatine).


The conclusion is that nothing can substitute hard work. No matter what you take, without hard work, you will not see any outcome.

And a tip to my fellow lifters who are thinking of taking creatine after watching some fake a$$ creatine transformations on YouTube or TikTok videos — first learn more about the supplement and then take it. Do not get hyped watching those videos.

Expect minimum changes. Do not set the bar so high.

Also, once you start using creatine if you stop you will see some drop in strength and a bit of muscle. So better be prepared.

Lastly, one myth to clear creatine does not cause hair loss (at least me and my friends haven’t seen any).

That is all for this article.

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