7 Big Mistakes Most Beginners Make In The Gym

Believe me, I have also done that in the past.

Suvadeep Paul
4 min readSep 10, 2021

As a beginner when I started lifting I also have done these mistakes. These are the mistakes that literally every beginner does on their early days in the gym. If you ask me the reason then I would say, the obvious reason is lack of knowledge.

So instead of wasting time let’s come directly to the point, here are my top 7 mistakes that beginners do in the gym.

Beginner Lifter
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#1 Ego lifting

Ahh, from the word ego lifting I can see, so many new lifters trying to show off their strength in front of their new experienced gym buddies and trying to prove that even they are new but still they are much stronger than them.

Now jokes apart as a beginner if you want to build muscle then please put your ego outside of your door and focus more on your form first. Cause as you are a beginner you gonna build muscle no matter how much you lift, thanks to those newbie gains. So lift lighter and focus on your form rather than lifting heavier and getting yourself injured.

#2 Making thins too much complicated

Most of the beginners make things too much complicated like how to train, trying different types of workouts, focusing more on advanced workouts, etc. Like, buddy look, you are a beginner, and as I said no matter how you train you still build muscle.

So instead of following what Chris Bumstead did in his Pre-Olympia prep, you better focus on basic exercises cause just by doing his exercises you not gonna get a body like him. He is doing those advanced exercises because he built his way to that point by training for years.

#3 Not focusing on diet

I guess most of us have seen beginners spending 2–3 hours in the gym doing the heavy lifting and giving their 100% and still not getting any result. So what could be the reason? For me not caring about their food. No matter how much you train if you don’t provide your body right nutrients it would not grow.

First, acquire some basic knowledge about nutrition and then provide the right nutrients to your body so that it can grow. What I would say is try to have 2–2.1/kg of your body weight protein and drink 2–3ltr. of water cause these two are really important for your muscle. And also if you are fat do not cut down fat from your diet, it would be dangerous for you in the long term.

#4 Following wrong workout split

First let’s start with my story, as a beginner when I first went to the gym what my so-called trainer told me is to follow bro split. So I did that for about 4 months and didn’t get the desired result. After not seeing any desired result I did a bit of research and I saw that as natural lifters we need to train our same body parts twice or thrice a week.

Here what I would suggest to my fellow beginner lifters is that go for a full-body type split 3 times a week and rest days do a little bit of cardio (like active rest day). After following this split for 4–5 months switch to Push-Pull-Legs split.

#5 Focusing on isolation movements mainly

Most beginner thinks free-weight exercises are a bit difficult to do for them so they mostly rely on machine exercise. But what I would suggest is to do more free weight exercises mostly compound movements. Free weight exercise will help you to control your exercises, like improving your form. And also compound movements are great for building both strength and muscles, but remember that do not go too heavy.

#6 Not sticking to one particular program

Most of the beginners including me had this problem that every time I saw a new video on youtube on the best biceps exercises to build peak or best chest exercises to remove chest fat etc. I started doing those new exercises from next day. This is a huge mistake that every beginner do in their early training days.

Look bro, every exercise need a certain amount of time to show their result so if you don’t give it some time and start to add new exercises to your routine every once in a while then you are not going to see any desired result at the end of the day.

#7 Seeking overnight result

This thing not only happens to beginner lifters but also to some experienced lifters too that they want an overnight result. They think by only doing exercises only for a few weeks they are going to build the body of their dream, which is never even possible. Because in your life whatever you do you need to give it some time overnight things are not sustainable. So please keep patience and be better than what you are yesterday.

Those are all my top picks of what mistakes a beginner do in their early days as a lifter. If you have any other points to mention then feel free to comment down below. And if you gathered any valuable information from my blog then make sure to like this blog and give me a follow to reach 100 followers.