Advice You Need To Lose Fat From The Body

Secret rule to lose fat from your body.

Suvadeep Paul
3 min readSep 17, 2021
Fat girl
Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

Are you someone who is very fat or obese and trying too hard to lose those extra layers of fat from your body? Then hopefully this blog is for you. I guess you clicked on this blog mostly because you lost your motivation, or trying to gain some knowledge about fat loss so that your journey could become simpler.


Most of you know that to burn fat you have to do so much cardio or intense exercises like running, jumping rope, cycling for so many hours. If you are someone who holds this type of knowledge I will say you have the wrong type of knowledge and you must first start learning about the science behind fat loss. Yes, I agree that long hours of cardio can burn body fat but that's exactly not doing the job for you, it is being in a caloric deficit that doing the job. Because you are doing cardio you are going into a caloric deficit and over time that deficit helps you to lose fat in the long term.

Btw one point I want to clear is that staying in a deficit/surplus for 1 or 2 days won’t cause you to lose or gain fat.


Now as you know how fat loss happens, the question is why are you not losing fat? I guess the reason why you are not losing fat is that there can only be one reason that you are not in a deficit. You might be thinking how it can be possible I am doing everything right. But bro at the end of the day it's only calories in vs calories out. If you are really doing everything right like tracking your food intake, calories you are burning during your activities, then I will say you have to keep patience cause you could be in a small deficit that is why results are very small. So I will say stay in that deficit and give it some time you will get what you want.

Ok, I said about if you did everything right but if are not tracking your calories then I will say start doing so, cause you might be thinking after an intense session that you might burn 400–500 calories but in reality, you only burnt 100–200 calories. Like the same thing can be happening in the case of eating something as you have less knowledge about foods.


So the summery is CALORIC DEFICIT. No matter what, if you do not stay in a deficit you will not lose fat. You can do anything but no changes will happen or changes will be not noticeable. Start tracking your food and stay in a deficit over time result will be visible. And the last point I want to say is never going to a huge deficit so that you do not lose your muscle.

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