Why Choose Power-building?—Get The Best Out of Both Bodybuilding And Powerlifting

Powerbuilding is the future.

Why to choose power-building.
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Whenever it comes to joining a gym, every time people either prefer bodybuilding or powerlifting style training to build muscle and strength. But to be honest — picking one above another is not optimal to achieve both muscle and strength goals. Where bodybuilding mostly focused on high volume-based training, powerlifting concentrated more on low rep (less volume) and heavyweight.

So here in this blog, I am going to solve this problem using a training type called Power-building. Although it is well known among so many; most of us do not know how to use it to extract the best outcome.

How to get the best both out of powerlifting and bodybuilding?

As mentioned — Power-building is the answer. Usually in bodybuilding people neglect compound training, opposite in powerlifting. But Power-building mixes both strength and hypertrophy, which means training for volume and lifting heavy.

Depending on the goal, like being strength-focused or just building muscles, someone needs to pick their training. If strength is the main priority then focus more lifting heavy on compounds and volume in isolation movement. And if muscle building is the main priority over strength then instead of going too heavy on compounds, add more volume on isolations.


Here is an example of what a Push day will look like where strength is the main priority.

Strength focused Push day

  • Barbell bench-presses~4sets of 8–12reps (regular/incline and go heavy on each set).
  • Cable fly~3sets of 8–12reps.
  • Side lateral raise~4sets of 8–12reps.
  • Overhead barbell press~3sets of 8–12reps (go heavy but do not ego lift).
  • Overhead tricep extension~3sets of 8–12reps.
  • Tricep push down~3sets of 8–12reps.

Now, an example of a volume-focused push day.

Volume focused Push day

  • Barbell bench-press~4sets of 12–14reps(regular/inclined and do not go too heavy)
  • Cable fly~3sets of till failure.
  • Side lateral raise~4sets of till failure.
  • Overhead dumbbell press~3sets of 12reps.
  • Tricep push down~3sets of till failure.
  • Overhead tricep extension~3sets of till failure.

Here till failure means, go that much heavy so that someone fails between 14–16reps.

So this is why I prefer more power-building style training. In my case, my training is focused more on strength along with building muscle.

So if someone is following an old bodybuilding or powerlifting type workout I would like to suggest they try Power-building once and see if they are liking it or not.

Along with this, a proper diet is all you need to get the best outcome possible. If you do not know how to create a personal diet according to the lifestyle I suggest checking out this blog.

And the best part is you do not need any nutritional knowledge to create the diet.

This is all for this blog.

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