Why New Year Resolutions Are Bullsh*T

New Years Resolutions fail, mainly because they are only a statement.

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Once again it is the end of a year and as 2022 is on its way, so many of us are ready with a new year's resolutions. Things they could not have done in 2021, now planning to conquer in 2022.

“It’s a new year, new me. 2022 is going to be my year.”

Tell me how many times you said this before? Your answer is probably almost every year. Like you, almost 80–90% of people every year make a list of the things they want to conquer every year but at the end of the year, they all fail.

I just Typed ‘New year resolution’, and guess what as per analytics every year it goes on a peak from December to January.

This is the time when internet gurus all over the world tell you how you can set realistic goals, talk about the right mindset, sell you courses, and make lots of money from you but at the very end, it will all be wasted like every other year.

Why do new year’s resolutions fail?

Let me show you the reasons why all New year’s resolutions fail and tell you how you can avoid that trap so that you, at last, can stick to something.

Those are just things you think to do

I have to eat healthily, I have to go to the gym, I have to quit smoking, these are all resolutions almost most of you think of conquering every year. But do you know all of these resolutions are based on what you think you need to do, not on what you want to do? That is why most of them fail every other year.

I will suggest you pick resolutions based on what you want to do. Do not pick resolutions just because you saw someone you know or on social media is doing, that is how your resolutions will stick till the end, and you do not end up being like others.

You pick it out of short term motivation

What do you think is why most people pick their new year's resolution at the end of each year?

If you ask me I will say because of the adrenaline rush. Every year there is a trend on social media of the new year resolutions and as everyone is doing you also feel the urge to create your own one too.

There is no commitment involved

As I said those are just the things you feel you should do, that’s why there is no commitment involved. You have no proper reason to follow that goal.

Most people think of it as they need any type of goal to make something happen which is partially true but sometimes you do something unknowingly without setting any goal or expectation and making it happen. If you choose anything to do then commit to it, stick to it, keep patience, and do not expect overnight results.

Focus on building a habit rather than setting and conquering a goal, cause at the end of the day those habits will stay.

It is not like I do not like New year’s resolutions, all I want is if you took anything, then finish it. So keep something realistic as you want to conquer and always pick that something based on what you like.

That is all for today’s blog, hope you found it helpful. Thank you for sticking to the end it means a lot. If you liked the blog then make sure to clap it, share it with your friends, and follow me to help me reach 100 followers before 2022 (My New year’s resolution XD).

Wishing you a Happy New Year in advance.



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